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About Ukraine

According to the list of UNESCO World Heritage (2013 year) objects, Kiev-Pechersk Lavra and St. Sophia Cathedral in Kiev, the center of Lviv, the residence of Bukovina metropolitans, the beech forests of the Carpathians, Struve Geodetic Arc points are preserved by it.

By the way, according to the National Geographic magazine, The Crimean peninsula is in the list of 20 places, which are recommend to visit in 2013. Welcome to Ukraine!

How much do you know about Ukraine? We will try to tell you some highlights about our remarkable country!

Haven’t you still been to the biggest country in Europe?

Ukraine is the biggest state, the territory of which is fully situated in this part of the world.

If you have not been to Ukraine, you for certain have not been in the center of Europe.

Geographically Ukraine is located in the Central-Eastern part Europe.

At its geographical center claims a few points and the most famous of them – village Dilove, near the town Rakhiv (Transcarpathian region). Site was "calculated" by geographers of Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1887. The historical stone sign says: «Locus Perennis Dilicentissime cum libella librationis quae est in Austria et Hungaria confecta cum mensura gradum meridionalium et paralleloumierum Europeum... MDCCCLXXXVII». If we translate it from Latin into English, will get: “Constant accurate, eternal place. With high accuracy, using special device manufactured in Austria and Hungary, with scale of the meridians and parallels, established here the Center of Europe in… 1887.

In case you wish to descent to the longest gypsum cave of the world – visit Ukraine.

The longest gypsum cave of the world is located in Ukraine at Podillya. With its length 216 km (135 miles) it is called “Optimistic” because is not fully explored and can be longer than is known now. We should also note that the cave could become the longest cave in the world, but it awards the first place to the Mammoth Cave in USA.

Do you think that a flea can be shod only in a fairy tale? Come to Ukraine and see it with your own eyes.

Ukrainian master of micro miniature Nicholay Syadrystiy managed to shoe a flea. The exhibition of the Museum of Micro Miniatures in Kyiv(Kiev) also includes the world's smallest chess on the pin head, rose that is located inside polished human hair, portraits of famous Ukrainians carved out of cherry stones, apple pip, poppy seed.

To enjoy the one of the most melodious language of the world – of course to Ukraine!

Ukrainian language took the second place after the Italian by melody and third place after the French and Persian on phonetics, vocabulary, phraseology and sentence structure. The competition was held in 1934 in Paris.

Where do you think was built the largest aircraft in the world? You guessed it! In Ukraine!

The plane AN-255 "Mriya" (Dream) is the largest in the world and has the largest load capacity - 250 tons. Originally, the main purpose of the airplane was the transportation of spacecrafts. Today it is used for the commercial trucking unique cargoes, more than 200 world records were achieved during this period.

Take a ride on the subway and to see few world records – easy!

The station "Arsenalna" was built in 1960, located at a depth of 105 meters and is the deepest in the world, and next to it is a metro station "Dnepr" – fully located on the surface. “Arsenalna” is also the singular "English style" metro station at the territory of the former USSR, which means that it has no common hall.

Also, one of the most beautiful subway stations in Europe, according to the Daily Telegraph magazine in 2012, has justly became "Golden Gate" station. Interior of the station is made in the XI century style, where each set of passages platform decorated with mosaics depicting Princes, well-known figures and architecture of Kievan Rus. Mosaics are not repeated, and if you follow from the arch to arch, you can find out who was the ruler of Kiev from the XI th to the XIII th century.

Are there no deserts in Europe? You are wrong! Come to Ukraine!

Oleshkovsky sands - one of the few deserts in Europe with an area of ​​161,200 hectares. The array extends from Tsyurupynsk (up to 1925 - Oleshki) almost to the Black Sea coast. Although Oleshkovsky sands belong to the class of semi-desert, the local people do not feel these undertones. Sparse vegetation, tons of hot sand in the form of a five-meter “kuchuguras” (dunes), instant-drying rainfalls, rare oases.