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Travel Ukraine

Kyiv city tour + St. Sophia Cathedral (UNESCO world heritage site)
Tour price:  от 1760 uah

During this panoramic city tour we will show you Kyiv - the capital of Ukraine and a cradle of Eastern Slavonic states of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. It is a beautiful city with its centuries-old history and rich culture. You will enjoy amazing view of two golden-domed monastery complexes while walking along Sophiyska and Mykhailivska Squares – St. Sophia Cathedral and St. Michael’s Monastery. The tour continues to St. Andrew’s Church – a striking piece of baroque architecture of XVIII c. built according to the designs of well-known architect B.Rastrelli on the top of Vladimir’s Hill. During our excursion you will have an opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful historical heritages – St. Sophia Cathedral. St. Sophia Cathedral is one of the biggest preserve-museums in Ukraine which numerates more than 50 architectural monuments. Its collection contains a lot of original materials: archeological findings, architectural projects of ancient buildings etc. Wonderful frescoes and mosaics which adorn the Cathedral have been executed with a unique technology and are of a great value.

St. Sophia’s Cathedral was built in XI c. after Yaroslav the Wise had won a victory over the Pechenegs’ tribes. The cathedral was a residence of Kyiv metropolitans and played the key role in Orthodox Rus destiny. The cathedral interior has been preserving from the time of its foundation.

St. Sophia Cathedral is a real cultural treasury which united pieces of ancient Ukrainian architecture, sculpture, painting, art of jewelry in a powerful chord.




(1-2 seats)


(3-5 seats)


Day off

Kyiv city tour + St. Sophia Cathedral



4 hrs


Price includes

  • Excursion by the car/van – 4 hrs 
  • Professional English/Russian speaking guide service – 4 hrs 
  • Entrance fee to the St. Sophia Cathedral

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