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Travel Ukraine

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  • During the tour you will visit the custom, Shevchenko Park (fortification) and the quarantine harbor, "Pox", the famous region “Moldavanka” and be sure to go on the street “Myasoedovskaya”. Well-known Misha Japonchik was born in Moldavanka, who is the recognized head of the Odesa Mafia. He is known to all who read the "Odesa Stories" by Isaac Babel under the name of Benya Krik. Odesa was the scene of legendary thieves and swindlers like Sonka the Golden Hand - unsurpassed pickpocket, Leva Zadov - Makhno's intelligence chief, Nyuma Kotov and many other personalities, famous and not so.

    Price: from 1272 uah
  • During city tour you will see and walk through the city center, Arcadia, Big fountain, French boulevard (there are recreation and health centers, botanical gardens, winery, film studio), Shevchenko and Pushkin str., the customs area, seaport, ancient streets and other remarkable sites of the city. You will walk through the pedestrian quarter of the city (Primorsky Boulevard, Duma Square), see such landmarks as: Opera, Philharmonic hall, City council, the Palace of Count Mikhail Vorontsov, Cathedral square, theaters and museums. A visit to the Italian court, the Palais Royal, the Garden city with the Tree of Love. You will hear interesting stories related to architectural monuments and the names of prominent historical figures and famous Odessa: Pushkin, Utyosov, Babel, Kataev, Duc de Richelieu, Count Vorontsov, Catherine II, a monument to "Orange" and “12 chairs"...

    Price: from 1272 uah
  • Feel the variety of Ukraine visiting the tandem of 2 capitals: official (Kyiv) and spiritual (Lviv)

    Price: from 1381 $

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